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4 Pieces Of Information Required For A Successful Crane Lift

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It looks simple – just lift, drop, and leave – but there’s so much more that goes into a safe and successful crane lift. Since 1962 we’ve been perfecting the art of crane lifts and know all the intricate details that need to be factored in – from external factors such as weather and ground conditions to rigging and the crane itself. Here are four factors key to the perfect crane lift:

130t Liebherr Mobile Crane

Height and Weight

Each job we take on is unique and requires a lot of intricate planning, we need to understand the weight and height of item and the reach required.. There are a lot of equations involved in planning a lift so we need to know as much as possible about the object we will be lifting.

Type of Crane

Many people think that one crane will do any job required but that’s not the case – we have to check the capacity of the crane, any limitations it may have, and if it has the ability to complete the lift required. Our most popular mobile crane, the Liebherr LTM 1060 has a maximum lifting capacity of 60 tonnes along with an extraordinary amount of mobility so it is often perfect for our most challenging lifts.


Our mobile cranes are wide and heavy, we need to make sure that a site is accessible and there will be enough space for the lift to take place. This also includes taking into consideration powerlines in the area which may cause an issue, and whether or not the ground on the site can provide a sturdy base for the lift. The area then needs to be made level, cleared, and barricaded to protect any onsite workers and public from the crane’s rotation.


Constant communication is one of the key principles in a crane lift. This begins with a pre-lift site inspection where we check everything over, and extends to during the lift itself where we are all in communication with one another to ensure safety and accuracy.

A crane lift, no matter how big or small, is an event in itself and can be fascinating to watch! The main focus is to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Behind the Scenes of a Successful Crane Lift

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Performing a successful crane lift depends on a variety of issues – from planning and research of the lift to the knowledge and skill of those involved. Needless to say it is not something to be taken on lightly. Read on to find out how Membrey’s assist successful crane lifts.


Meticulous planning is essential to the success of any crane lift and therefore every aspect of the lift needs to be carefully considered. This includes the location of the lift, the weight of the object being lifted, and what type of crane is to be used. Careful planning of the route used during transportation and how the object is going to be situated at the end of the journey also need to be considered.
Crane lifts require expertise and careful planning beforehand to reduce the risk of any costly mistakes being made. Carefully planning each stage of the lift also ensures that each member of the team knows exactly what their role is and when they will be needed – this makes the whole process run smoothly and efficiently.


Depending on where exactly the lift is taking place and what route is going to be used for the transportation, you may require permission from local authorities or Vic Roads for the lift to take place as roads and access may need to be limited in the area. If permission is needed then it should be applied for in plenty of time to ensure that there are not going to be any hold ups for the project.


If your crane lift project requires transportation of the lifted object then the most accessible route to the destination needs to be researched thoroughly. If your load is very wide you will need to take the widest roads possible to your destination and Membrey’s will transport the goods safely. Traffic and road works should also be taken into account as they could have an adverse effect on the ability of your load to be transported.


Crane lifts can be very dangerous projects and there are many safety aspects to be considered during the lift and transportation. Conducting a thorough risk assessment of every stage of the lift is essential in highlighting the highest risk elements of the lift and allows you to take steps to ensure no harm comes to the lift team or members of the public.