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December 11, 2020

Why Crane Lift Studies are Required

Getting your lifting job done efficiently before the deadline is great, but it should never compromise safety. Working against time should never keep you from managing a safe working environment. For example, if your project involves lifting loads with a crane, the time you invest in a crane lift study will be a smart investment. This article delves into the importance of crane lift studies and why anyone thinking of crane hire should consider it.


What is a Crane Lift Study?

You first need to do thorough research about the task at hand. This is what Membrey’s does when involved with crane hire Melbourne contractors may require from us.

A proper crane lift study will provide you with a visual representation of what you’re planning. It will cover setup and configuration of the crane, as well as where it needs to travel. It also covers details about rigging and ground bearing pressure.

You’ll have insight into hazards and the necessary safety measures to avoid risk. You can make informed decisions on site and the plan will guide everyone’s actions that relate to the lifting task. By planning ahead, you’re preventing unnecessary risk and avoiding accidents.


Reasons Why Crane Lift Studies and Planning are Vital

You may ask if it’s necessary to invest so much time in just one plan. Yes, it’s always necessary. Even when you’ve been doing this work for a long time, the following factors will always be there to motivate being prepared and cautious.


You Need to Protect People

During any task, whether it requires mobile crane hire to lift a small load or whether you’re using a fixed crane you’ve owned for years for an immense lifting task, there are people involved. They move around the equipment and they operate it, putting them at risk of injury if anything should go wrong during the lift. For their protection, a lift plan is non-negotiable.

The range of possible outcomes is too vast to take a chance and not plan well. Can you say with absolute conviction that you’ve done all you can to protect your team and others on site from scenarios such as the following?

  • Being electrocuted
  • Injuries because of a crane tipping over
  • Falling from any height
  • The load accidentally falling on them


Your Load is Important

No matter what you’re lifting into the air, it carries value and during the time it’s being lifted, the responsibility rests with you to keep it safe. If it should get damaged it could cost someone unnecessary expenses and remember that an accident could affect your reputation.


You Have a Responsibility Towards the Surrounding Environment

No lifting task takes place in a vacuum where it won’t have any impact on the environment around it. On an open piece of land there are fewer risks but a falling load or a crane going off course could still damage another structure or even the soil, hampering future projects such as construction.

In other circumstances, you may need to consider the impact of the crane’s movements so you’re sure it won’t damage power lines or other utility infrastructures.

You can see how important it is to not only think of the lifting itself but the lifting in its entire context.


A Study can Save You Money and Time

The few extra days or weeks you use for the crane lift study will never be wasted. With the study preventing unnecessary damage and helping you find the best plan possible, you won’t spend time on fixing problems, repairing damage or paying for accidentally causing another party any problems. This means your project can keep to its timeline without too much effort.


We Plan for You

No need to go through this intricate planning process alone. The team at Membrey’s can assist with crane lift plans, including surveying your site, assessing the risks and providing you with a briefing on safety. With our help you’ll be prepared for the task at hand, with minimal risk to everyone and everything.

Let’s get started on your plan today. You can call us on 03 9554 4040 or request a quote via the website.


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