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5 Safety Tips for Mobile Cranes

130t Liebherr and 60t Liebherr Dual Lift Mobile Cranes

130t Liebherr and 60t Liebherr Dual Lift Mobile Cranes

While cranes are equipment that make large jobs a lot easier, they come with strict procedures that must be followed to improve safety, maximise productivity and success. Here are 5 safety tips to consider when operating cranes.

1. Understand the requirement of the Job – each job is different so its important you understand all the requirements – even the little details.

2. Identify all existing and new hazards – staying safe means you need to identify possible hazards, some of the common ones include; overloaded cranes, improperly secured loads and falling materials.

3. Hire an Experienced crane operator – this may seem obvious and most hire companies supply the operator when you hire but you can still check their tickets and ensure they are in date and still relevant.

4. Comply with all Work Health and Safety Laws – this is also a given, most works may require pre-start checklists, SWMS, permits and other documentation to ensure the works conducted are lawful.

5. Perform daily safety inspections – you could have the best operators but if the machinery isn’t up to standard you are putting workers and anyone nearby at risk. Daily checks are an essential preventative measure.

50t Mobile and 2t Franna Recovery

50t Mobile and 2t Franna Recovery

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