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May 8, 2020

Types of Mini Cranes for Hire at Membrey’s

Mini Cranes

Have you been looking for mini crane hire for your worksite or project? Membrey’s mini crane hire in Melbourne has a versatile range of crawlers that can be conveniently used in cramped or tight spaces due to their relatively small size.

Mini cranes are compact and typically have a minimal tail swing radius, making them a practical choice for jobs in tight spots, building sites and project constructions conducted in roads or pavements. Due to their compact size, they can be easily transported to your worksite via a truck. Below are some of the awesome mini cranes we have for hire at Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire.


The UNIC URW-295 is a mini crawler crane that is compact enough to fit through your average doorframe, making it the perfect choice for jobs in narrow and hard to reach spaces. It has a lifting power of 2.9 tonnes and a maximum working radius of 8.41m. The working capacity of this mini spider crane is 2.9t x 1.4m. This machine is suitable for glass installations, cladding panel installations, steel beams, and spa relocation.

The URW-295 is outfitted with a range of innovative safety and operation features, including:

  • A computer-controlled moment limiter
  • Multi-function radio remote control
  • Computer-controlled intelligent voice warning system
  • Overwinding alarm
  • Unique pressure compensation proportional valve
  • Intelligent throttle activation and more.


The UNIC URW-376 is a mid-capacity spider crane available for hire at Membrey’s. It has a lifting power of 2.9 tonnes and the six-section hydraulic boom allows for a maximum working radius of 14.45m. The working capacity of this mini spider crane is 2.9t x 2.5m. Similar to the previous crane, the URW-376 is most suitable for installation of glass panels, steel beams and spa relocation.

The UNIC URW-376 has similar features to the URW-295, however it can be controlled from the onboard operator’s seat and also from a distance via the radio remote control.


With heavy lifting power and ultimate flexibility, this crane is suitable for a vast range of lifting applications. The UNIC URW-506 is a portable crane that has a lifting power of 3 tonnes and a maximum working radius of 15.52m. The working capacity of this mini spider crane is 3.0t x 3.4m, or up to 4t when the 5 fall hook block (optional) is in use.

If you need precision, the working area limitation device on the URW-506 will allow you to specify the working area, giving you greater safety and control when working in sensitive areas. This feature can be found on all UNIC spider crane models featuring a safe load indicator

The URW-506 boasts a range of features, including:

  • Computer-controlled moment limiter
  • Computer-controlled intelligent voice warning system
  • Intelligent throttle activation
  • Multi-function operation via radio remote control
  • Overwinding alarm
  • Automatic hook stow and more.

Maeda MC 285

The Maeda MC 285 crawler crane has the ability to lift in small spaces due to its compact working footprint and minimal tail swing. The MC 285 pick and carry crane is an efficient machine with a maximum crane capacity of 2.82t x 1.4m and a maximum working radius of 0.15t x 8.205m.

The Maeda MC 285 boast a number of premium features, including:

  • A programmable moment limiter
  • Slew angle limit setting
  • Multi outrigger positions
  • Multi outrigger lifting mode
  • Crane/outrigger interlock system
  • Digital feedback remote control
  • 4 Fall/2 Fall hook block and more.

If you are searching for a pick and carry crane with a larger lifting capacity check out our other cranes for hire. For more information or to organise mim crane hire, contact the friendly team at Membrey’s today on (03) 9554 4040.

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