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Staying Alert to the Signs of Road Rage

Virtually every driver will have experienced anger on the road in some form or another, with congestion and busy lives being the prime reasons. According to a survey of 4,000 Australians conducted by Car Advice found an alarming 88 per cent claimed to have been a victim of road rage.

Being on the road as often as the team at Membrey’s are, it is important to recognise the signs of road rage in yourself as well as other drivers around you so you can avoid any dangerous situations which may arise.

Road Rage In Yourself

People may experience road rage for a variety of different reasons. Slow moving vehicles, being cut off or even something as simple as someone not being thanked for letting a driver pull in front can cause feelings of stress and anger. It is important that you recognise these feelings should they begin to rise while you are driving, and if you do then it helps to safely slow down or pull over if possible and take some deep breaths to calm down before it has a negative effect on your driving.

Road Rage In Others

A large part of good driving is awareness of how others are driving around you. While you may feel calm and relaxed behind the wheel it does not mean that every other driver is feeling the same way, so when other drivers around you are suffering with road rage and driving irresponsibly then it can have a knock on effect on your driving.

Again, if you are being made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe then you should stay calm and slow down or pull in when possible and allow the person to pass. This will keep you safe and out of any possibly dangerous situation.

130t Mobile Crane Recovery

As the team at Membrey’s drive such large transportation equipment, we have to be especially observant of road safety, as well as the behaviour of other drivers, if we notice a driver is acting dangerous or angry we make every effort to avoid all potential unsafe situations.

At Membrey’s we transport to destinations safe and sound. Remember – you cannot control traffic, only your reaction to it.