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New Purchase has Arrived at Membrey’s

New CraneOur new Terex AC40-2L mobile crane has arrived at Membrey’s this week and it hit the ground running.

As soon as it was unloaded, we got it organised and it went straight out onto the job – even before the stickers were put on.


These cranes are a newer model from Terex and are just as versatile than previous versions highlights include;


Longest main boom in its category with 37.4m and a maximum tip height of 47m
Fully hydraulic boom system provides shortest telescopic times and high load telescoping capacities
State-of-the-art engine technology type OM 906 LA
Spacious and comfortable cab with sliding door and large hinged windscreen (superstructure)
2-seat carrier cab with air-conditioning

You can see this cranes lifting chart; AC 402L Terex Crane Info

Keep at eye out on the road for our new addition at Membrey’s Transport & Crane hire