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Forklift Hire Melbourne

Operating for more than 53 years in Melbourne’s transport hire industry, Membrey’s is best known for its provision of heavy lifting solutions. Among our range of equipment, forklifts are one of our complimentary lifting services.

Forklifts and their role in the mobile crane hire sector

As our crane hire and transport business continues to expand, offering forklift services has become a no brainer due to its vital function in lifting unusual loads. They can assist in the mobility of machinery. Forklifts are an economical way of moving cargo off trucks with metal forks installed at the front of the vehicle for lifting.

In every warehousing and distribution site, the use of forklifts are always in demand. With this heavy equipment, you can finish the lifting and moving job faster. As such, Membrey’s deems the provision of forklift services a necessary addition to our diverse crane hire and transportation services in Melbourne.

Membrey’s Forklift Hire Services

Though forklifts are indeed indispensable in your business’ lifting needs, you need not buy your own, especially when you’ll only be using it for occasional lifting requirements. Why buy when there are affordable forklifts for hire in Melbourne?

Here at Membrey’s, we do not only offer crane hire services, but we also offer forklift hiring solutions either in short term or long term. Hire our forklifts anytime you need. Choose from our range of 5- to 16-tonne forklifts and get the job done.

Our forklifts can be dry hired (one without an operator); you can also hire our equipment along with a qualified operator if required.

Depending on your needs, we can also configure our portable cranes for hire in Melbourne to functional forklifts which we can be equipped with a range of accessories like jib lifting equipment. With forklift accessories installed the machinery’s lifting and handling ease can be maximized.

Why is hire a Forklift from Membrey’s?

  • You can hire our forklifts either for short term or long term.
  • Our forklifts have the capacity to lift 5 to 16 tonne of load.
  • You can hire our forklifts with or without an operator.
  • If you choose to hire our forklifts with an operator, we offer experienced operators.
  • We can customise your forklifting needs through gearing it with our wide range of forklift accessories.

On top of these, Membrey’s offer customer-centric solutions. Through fulfilling our clients’ project requirements according to their best interests, we have been able to produce highly satisfactory results. Want to know what our clients say about us? Visit our testimonials page.

If you need help with your lifting needs, call Membrey’s, the most experienced mobile crane hire company in Melbourne. Our contact number is 9554 4040.

Types of Fork Lift Hire

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