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August 22, 2016

3 Essential Components for Your Traffic Management Plan

The primary aim of a warehouse traffic management plan should be to mitigate risk as far as possible. As so many of these operations now run twenty-four hours per day, organisation is key to keeping workers safe and turnover high. At Membrey’s, we are committed to safe and secure haulage and we want to help your warehouse to function smoothly too.

With our range of heavy haulage and access vehicles, there’s no task that you can’t handle quickly and efficiently. We’ve got boom lifts, telehandlers, scissor lifts, and more; if you run a large warehouse, our short and long term hires are perfect for you. But, it isn’t all about the muscle, because in order to use access and haulage vehicles correctly, you’ve first got to have a high-quality traffic management plan.


These handy hints and tips will help you put together a traffic plan that is flexible, adaptable, and successful.

Reevaluate Vehicle Routes

The key to creating warehouse traffic channels that are both busy and safe is to ensure that you’re considering the whole space and all of its uses. For instance, you can’t design routes with only movement in mind. All kinds of things happen within warehouse lanes; vehicles need room to stop, turn around, wait, reverse, and more. For this reason, the only secure design is a one-way traffic system.

All access and goods vehicles must move in one logical direction around the warehouse, with a clear understanding of where the entry and exit points are. This is particularly important for access vehicles like boom lifts, because the operators need to be able to focus on reaching and moving goods, while other vehicles are still in motion close by.


Invest in High-Quality Signage

The thing to remember about signage is that it cannot be used as a substitute for proper training. It is only a reminder of the things that warehouse drivers and operators should already know. With our forklift hire service, the responsibility for safe use rests with you. It is your job to ensure that only those with the right skills are allowed to operate the vehicle and that they do it in a safe manner.

Even so, clear (and often boldly coloured) signs are an effective way to reinforce key lessons. With forklifts, the emphasis should be on safe loading and unloading. Make it explicitly clear what is and is not safe, with the inclusion of basic images to help drivers process the information while on the move. Forklift training should be reviewed regularly, but signs are a good way to maintain awareness of safety requirements in the interim.


Create Safe Crossing Zones

While many warehouses now work only with machine pickers, there are still times when pedestrians need to enter the space. So, even if your warehouse doesn’t have singular, manual operatives, you must add some safe crossing zones. These should be brightly coloured and clearly marked, so that drivers know exactly when and where to stop.

It must be understood that, in this zone, it is the person on foot who has right of way. To avoid accidents and collisions, mobile pickers and access vehicles should instantly stop if they see somebody crossing or waiting to cross; much like a car at a zebra crossing. This is a relatively simple way to boost safety and avoid nasty warehouse injuries.


Why Choose Membrey’s for Your Vehicle Hire

We have more than fifty-three years of experience in the transport hire industry, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that is as skilled or as dedicated as us. At Membrey’s, we work closely with warehouses, construction sites, and industrial operations to find transport and haulage solutions that are as safe as they are efficient.

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