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June 19, 2020

3 Common Questions About Crawler Cranes


How much do you know about crawler cranes? We’re here to answer 3 common questions you may have about crawler cranes.



What is a Crawler Crane?

A crawler crane is a crane mounted on an undercarriage that has a set of tracks (crawlers). These tracks provide the crawler crane with reliable mobility and stability. The smaller size of crawler cranes allows them to move around worksites with ease and lift in small spaces due to their compact working for print and minimal tail swing. They come in a wide range of lifting capacities and make short work of some of the toughest lifting jobs. 

One of the main advantages of crawler cranes is there ability to move around worksites and perform lifts with very little setup, this is due to the crane’s superior stable on its tracks and no outriggers.

Crawler cranes are a popular choice as they are a versatile machine suitable for a number of lifting applications,  such as moving building materials, light lifting in the oil & mining industry, heavy-duty foundation work and other construction projects. 


Can a Crawler Crane Move with a Load?

One of the main advantages of crawler cranes is that they are capable of travelling with a load. Their tracks allow them to travel with ease over rough or uneven surfaces. These types of cranes are sometimes referred to as pick and carry cranes as they can easily lift and move loads from one worksite to another. 

Mini Crawler Crane doing Glass Panels

Mini Crawler Crane doing Glass Panels


How is a Crawler Crane Operated?

If you are wondering how to operate a crawler crane, then it’s probably best you leave this lifting job to the professionals. A professional crane operator is fully trained and licensed to work with cranes, understands the limits of the machines and how to operate them safely, and is fully aware of all the risks involved with crane operation and how to prevent them.

However, here is some insight into some of the processes a professional crawler crane operator might follow. 

  • When the crawler crane is in operation excellent communication and visibility must be maintained at all times. A crane operator might use a signal such as sounding the horn twice, energizing the beacon or flasher light (if applicable) or a designated signal-person if visibility is limited to alert personnel in the area of the nearby crane operation. 
  • When starting the crawler crane engine, allow the systems such as hydraulic fluid and coolant to warm up to optimal operating temperatures and then test all crane functions, such as the winch, boom hoist and brake systems.
  • Always ensure there is sufficient clearance to power lines and other obstructions when the crawler crane is in operation.
  • Know the crane’s specific lift capacities and make sure that you’re working within the crane’s capabilities at all times. If these are not being adhered to the crawler crane could suffer damage and become unsafe to use.
  • Using a slow and gradual joystick movement when your crawler crane is carrying a load will allow for plenty of space and time for the load to stop moving.

These are just a handful of crane operation processes. Operating a crane is no easy task and there are a number of procedures to follow to ensure maximum safety. To ensure complete safety opt for crawler crane hire and hire a professional crane operator.

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