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Crane Hire Melbourne

Fast and Reliable Crane Hire in Melbourne

Are you looking for the most experienced crane hire company in Melbourne? While there are a lot of crane companies out there, only a select few can be relied upon to consistently meet your project requirements with a service catered to your specific crane hire needs. Here at Membrey's Transport and Crane Hire, our team of Melbourne crane specialists is confident that we can take on any and all of your lifting, cranage, and transportation needs.

We have the following crane types available to you:

Mobile cranes for heavy lifts
Franna cranes for versatility and performance
City/Mini cranes for tighter, smaller space

We also make heavy-duty jobs easier by offering transportation with our specifically designed crane trucks, which are convenient and versatile across different terrains because every lifting and moving project is unique!

Why Choose Us for Crane Hire?

Whether you're in need of a crawler crane hire or a crane truck, we have you covered. Our extensive, certified and modern fleet of cranes for hire coupled with our broad range of lifting equipment, haulage, transport and access equipment means we can provide our clients with one of Melbourne's widest and most varied crane hire services. We are certain that we can provide the best solution for you!

Melbourne Crane Hire Made Easy

When you work with a versatile Melbourne-based crane company such as Membrey’s, finding the right crane is a simple process. Having access to a comprehensive range of cranes for hire means you’ll find the right machine for the job. Since Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire are experts in their field, you’ll also get the best advice and the highest level of service. Talk to us about your project's mobile, crawler or Franna crane hire requirements.


Mobile cranes are highly regarded for their mobility as they can be driven to the location without the need for additional loading vehicles. They have the ability to lift heavier loads and offer extended reach.

See below for our complete list of mobile cranes for hire in Melbourne.

Liebherr LTM1040

The Liebherr LTM 1040 is flexible yet powerful, providing a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tonnes. This extendable telescopic boom can quickly be adjusted to provide additional reach. The all-terrain chassis make this machine ideal for use on public roads & off-road. This mobile crane features excellent safety, economy and comfort.

Crane Hire Melbourne - Liebherr-LTM-1040

Liebherr LTM1055

The 3-axle Liebherr LTM1055 offers the next level of load capacity at 55 tonnes. A cost-effective machine that can quickly be ready for use thanks to innovative fully automated technology. Featuring excellent safety, economy and comfort. Call us today for Liebherr LTM1055 mobile crane hire Melbourne wide.

Crane Hire Melbourne - Liebherr-LTM-1055

Liebherr LTM1090

The multi-faceted Liebherr LTM1090 is a mobile crane capable of lifting 90 tonne and offers counterweight options and higher performance. Premium mobility, performance, safety and economy. Can be driven with 10t, 12t and 16t axle loads. The Liebherr LTM1090 is environmentally friendly, has low noise levels and is also low on consumption.

Crane Hire Melbourne - LTM-1090-left

Liebherr LTM1100

The 4-axle Liebherr LTM1100 delivers great safety and economy as well as exceptional load capacities and is rated to lift 100 tonnes. The addition of lattice mast sections and a double folding jib allows the long, extendable telescopic boom to be further deployed. Contact Membrey's today for Liebherr LTM1100 mobile crane hire in Melbourne.

Mobile Crane Hire Melbourne - Liebherr-LTM-1100-Membrey-Crane

Liebherr LTM1130

Liebherr LTM1130 is an all-terrain, compact mobile crane with a lifting power of 130 tonnes. With its smart design and layout, it can be easily manoeuvred. Call Membrey's for reliable mobile crane hire Melbourne wide.

Crane Hire Melbourne - Liebherr-LTM-1130

Liebherr LTM1200

The mighty 5-axle Liebherr LTM1200 provides a powerhouse of lifting capacity up to 200 tonne. The addition of lattice mast sections and a folding jib allow the long, extendable telescopic boom to be adapted to a variety of role. Featuring excellent safety, economy and comfort.

Crane Hire Melbourne - Liebherr-LTM-1200

Liebherr LTM1250

The 5-axle Liebherr LTM1250 has a game changing lifting capacity of 250 tonnes. This mobile crane's large ballast radius and can be fitted with a fixed jib or multi-functional folding jib, making it a versatile piece of machinery. Featuring excellent safety and efficiency.

Mobile Crane Hire Melbourne - Liebherr-LTM-1250-Membrey-Crane

Liebherr LTM1350

The 6-axle Liebherr LTM1350 has outstanding boom lengths and load rating, with a maximum lifting capacity of 350 tonne. Variable configurations make this a truly valuable machine capable of a variety of multi-role projects. To hire one of the mightiest mobile cranes Melbourne has available, call Membrey's!

Mobile Crane Hire Melbourne - Liebherr LTM 1350_Mobile Crane


Franna is a popular brand of pick-and-carry crane that dominates the Australian crane hire and transport industry because of its versatility and proven track record of delivering powerful performance on any commercial site. So, as a leading crane hire company in Melbourne, when you need Franna crane hire, Membrey's will make it happen!

See below for our complete list of Franna cranes for hire in Melbourne.


The AT40 offers the latest in pick and carry engineering and technology. Boasting a 44% larger load capacity than the MAC 25, the mighty AT40 pick and carry crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tonne. The articulated 3-axle design of the AT40 gives it a similar turning circle to the MAC 25. Get in touch today for AT40 Franna crane hire in Melbourne!

franna crane hire melbourne-AT40

Franna Mac25/Superlift

Franna Mac 25 is a pick and carry crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes, and excellent ease of placement. It’s a flexible lifting machine offering versatility in tight places, with excellent ease of placement. Perfect for machinery relocation. The Superlift kit works together with the existing MAC 25 counterweight, resulting in an increase to the rated capacity of the machine by up to 30% in some configurations. Contact us today for Franna crane hire Melbourne wide.

franna crane hire melbourne-Mac-25/Superlift

Franna AT22

Franna AT22 can carry heavier loads of up to 22 tonnes and has a working capacity radius of 22t @ 1.4m. Plus, due to its agility and compact frame, it makes it very effective for quickly carrying cargo loads to their destination. Contact us today for Franna hire in Melbourne.

franna crane hire melbourne-AT22

Franna 12T

The Franna 12T Crane has a max. lifting capacity of 12 tonnes that has been well established in the building industry for many years. Its compact size and 12t @ 1.53m working capacity radius of this Franna crane for hire make it suitable for all types of worksites that require a fast and efficient machine to handle those hard to reach jobs. Call Membrey's for reliable franna crane hire Melbourne wide.

franna crane hire melbourne-12T


Our city/mini cranes are versatile crawler crane hires that can be conveniently used in cramped or tight spaces due to their relatively small size. They also have a small tail swing radius, which makes these machines ideal for use in tight spots, such as building sites and project constructions conducted on roads or pavements. This has made Melbourne mini cranes one of the dense, urban city's most common crane hires.

See below for our complete list of city/mini cranes for hire in Melbourne.

Kato13/Bubble Crane/City Crane

Though the Kato is a compact crane, its lifting performance is commendable in small spaces. For lighter lifts, Kato 13t can easily move building materials, air conditioners, furniture and much more!

crawler crane hire Kato-13

Maeda Mini Crane MC285C

Maeda Crawler Cranes have the ability to lift in small spaces due to their compact working footprint and minimal tail swing. These cranes are efficient machines with a max. crane capacity of 2.8t x 1.4m and a max. working radius of 8.205m @ 0.15t. Contact us today for Maeda crawler crane hire Melbourne wide.

crawler crane hire Maeda MC285C

Maeda Mini Crane MC305

The compact working footprint and minimal tail swing of the MC305 gives it the ability to conduct lifts in those small, hard to reach places. The MC305 is an efficient and reliable machine with a max. crane capacity of 2.98t x 2.5m and a max. working radius of 12.16m @ 0.26t. Contact Membrey's for reliable crawler crane hire in Melbourne.

crawler crane hire melbourne MC305

Liebherr LTR 1220 Crane Hire

The LTR 1220 crawler crane available for hire at Membrey’s combines the features of a crawler crane with those of a telescopic crane. The crawler travel gear of the LTR1220 provides outstanding off-road capabilities, with excellent handling and manoeuvrability.
Liebherr LTR 1220 Crane Hire Melbourne
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Our range of hire equipment includes cranes, crane trucks, heavy haulage trailers and gears, access equipment and pilot vehicles.

We also provide nationwide 24/7 transport and crane hire services. At Membrey's we take a personalised approach to your transportation needs. We will work in partnership with you to find the right equipment and solution for your project needs.

Call us now and we'll be happy to discuss your project needs.

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