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April 16, 2021

Franna Cranes—Why it’s the Perfect Addition to Your Next Construction Project

When working in construction, speed paired with efficiency is something you and your clients will appreciate. To achieve that goal, your choice of equipment is important because it will determine the kind of workmanship you can deliver.

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to purchase the latest cranes and tools. That’s what services like Franna crane hire are for. Below we’re going to delve into why Franna hire is the perfect addition to your construction project.


Established Brand

You can’t take chances on your construction projects with equipment you can’t trust. When you work with Franna cranes, you’re using an established brand that’s been around since the 1970s. Franna cranes are a type of pick and carry cranes that have proven their worth over the years, so you can trust it too.


You can Cut Various Costs

You can cut costs on your next construction job, even if you need to include crane hire in your budget. This one equipment hire will help you perform multiple tasks, making it unnecessary to buy or hire other equipment you may have otherwise needed. This is because these cranes are multifunctional and can lift objects but also move them around. You’ll also save time using this method, which means you’ll get work done faster, leading to decreased labour costs.


Easy to Set Up and Use

Franna cranes don’t require the complicated setup of stabilising legs as is common with other cranes and some equipment. Meaning you can get to work quickly.

You can simply have it arrive on site and start using it. These are sturdy cranes, set on trucks and they can handle hefty loads. Whether your jobs require a 12 tonne lift or as much as 40 tonnes, Franna cranes can do the job, as long as you pick the right model.


Manoeuvrability on Site

One of its most attractive features is how easily you can manoeuvre it. Your model may be slightly smaller than other cranes, enabling you to position it in spots others would be too big for. Instead of the crane placing loads onto a truck to transport it, the Franna crane can handle both lifting and transportation.


Practical for Working on Various Sites

If your business requires you to work on different sites, one Franna crane can help you in various locations. Because it’s a truck itself, simply drive it to where you need it. Depending on how far they are apart, you can have this crane type assist on multiple work sites in one day, so you don’t need to hire a unit for each project. They travel sufficiently fast, so there’s little time lost in driving between projects.


What Does Your Business Need?

You can set the bar high and show your competitors how it’s done, all by including Franna hire in your upcoming projects. Membrey’s Transport & Crane Hire makes it easy to get the crane you need, thanks to our extensive range and our commitment to help you reach your project goals.

Discuss your requirements with us on (03) 9554 4040 and our experts will help you pick the best option. Or, request your quote swiftly online. We’ve been around since 1962, providing transport and crane hire Melbourne companies can count on.

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