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August 25, 2020

What is a Crane Truck?

Are you thinking of hiring a crane truck? When it comes to cranes, Melbourne construction companies appreciate how invaluable they are. They are relatively easy to use and make lifting heavy objects a breeze.

Crane trucks are vehicles with a machine designed to help them lift, lower or move heavy objects. They not only transport items from one place to the next, but also to elevated heights. Without cranes, lifting heavy concrete beams or steel commonly found on industrial sites is near impossible.

That’s why crane trucks are a common sight on most construction sites. So, which crane truck should you hire?

Keep reading to find out the different types at your disposal and how you can go about picking the right fit for your project needs.

Types of Crane Trucks

When searching for a crane truck Melbourne hiring companies – such as Membrey’s – will present you with four options that we’ll list below. The type of crane truck you hire is dependent on the intended application.


Truck-mounted cranes are vehicles with a hydraulic operated boom. The crane is mounted on rubber wheels which is one of the truck’s most valuable features. Moving the truck from one location to the next is extremely easy. This is the crane of choice if you want to navigate heavy loads via highways and streets.

Due to this crane truck’s versatility, you can also use it for stationary jobs. Simply extend the legs either horizontally or vertically from the base of the truck.


The knuckle-boom crane is widely sought after for its versatility, efficiency and flexibility. This is the crane to pick if you want to effortlessly load and offload heavy items from your vehicle.

You have the option to fold down its size to a lower profile depending on the task at hand. Opt for this type if you want to navigate narrow streets or tight spaces.


For your off-road applications, a rough-terrain crane truck is the model to hire. As the name suggests, the truck excels on rough terrains. The sturdy industrial tires featured on this truck make this possible.

This crane truck is popular for carrying materials for construction and bridge-building projects. The same machine is also used in chemical plants.


Last, but not least, you can pick an all-terrain crane truck. The truck enables you to transport heavy materials across all terrains, be it highways or off-roads.

Your loads are transported securely and safely until you reach the intended destination thanks to the advanced suspension system.

How to Pick the Right Crane Truck for Your Needs

Now that you know the types of crane trucks Melbourne hiring companies have at your disposal, it’s time to select the right one for your needs. The right truck should match the intended task for optimal results. Pay attention to the following factors.

Weight of the Load

Check the weight of the load you intend to transport, lift or move. Crane trucks come with a specified lifting capacity and you should stick to the stated ratings. Hiring a large capacity crane truck to transport a small load is simply a waste of money, time and labour. On the other hand, hiring a small capacity truck to transport a heavy load can result in accidents or fatalities. So pick wisely.

Lift Height

Much like the lifting capacity, the load’s lift height is important. The length of the crane you pick depends on how high up you want to lift your materials.

Along with the lift height, pay attention to the weather conditions before you start the job. Is it sunny or windy? The higher your crane, the more likely the wind is to sway your load.

Moving Distance

How far are you moving your load? For far distances, a crane with wheels is ideal. Otherwise, for short distances and travelling on fixed paths, a crane on rails is easier to work with.


Evaluate the site terrain and pick a crane truck that can navigate the surface with ease. Pick an all-terrain crane truck if you’re transporting loads over uneven surfaces. Hire a truck-mounted crane truck if the terrain is flat and firm.

Once again, be cognisant of the weather. Rain translates into a muddy construction site. Pick an all-terrain crane track that can navigate muddy terrains better.

Along with these mentioned factors, be sure to consider safety and legal issues. Is your crane truck permitted to enter the intended project site? Is it in good working order? Consider hiring a professional crane truck operator before any work commences.

Better yet, why not hire from a reputable crane hiring company like the team at Membrey’s? We adhere to the necessary care and maintenance procedures when handling equipment. Also, for the best advice on the type of crane truck you should hire, get in touch. Call us on (03) 9554 4040 or request a fast quote online for cranes in Melbourne.

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