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Environmental Policy

Membrey’s Transport & Crane Hire is committed to and continuing to reduce our impact on the environment.


Membreys Transport & Crane Hire provides for its employees, and the wider community a level of environmental and waste management and control that is in line with community expectations and standards.

It is our aim to comply with all relevant environmental and waste legislation by ensuring sound environmental and waste management are aware of their responsibilities and we are model corporate citizens.


Our commitment to environmental and waste safety will be demonstrated by:

  1. Integration of environmental and waste requirements within all aspects of Membreys Transport & Crane Hire operations
  2. Identify, assess and monitor each workplace in terms of environmental and waste requirements
  3. Establish, document and maintain procedures for the management of environmental and waste safeguards
  4. Provide and disseminate current environmental and waste information where appropriate
  5. Report environmental and waste incidents and respond immediately and effectively to such incidents
  6. Provide, where necessary, appropriate personal protective equipment
  7. Membreys Transport & Crane Hire requires all employees and sub-contractors to operate in an environmentally and waste responsible manner and immediately communicate breaches of environmental and waste practices to Management


Review Period:  Membreys Transport & Crane Hire reserves its rights to amend this policy at any time. This policy will be reviewed annually by the Managing Director and OH&S Manager and any changes will be updated.