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February 23, 2021

How Does A Mobile Crane Boom Extend? An In-Depth Look at Telescopic Crane Booms

When it comes to construction site work, a team of people can only get you to a certain point. They can work as hard and as fast as possible but there are limitations to what we can lift and move. That’s where the benefit of modern age machines and technology can assist, helping you to work with extreme weights at extreme heights.

One such machine is the mighty crane. A crane can assist in moving and positioning heavy objects to greater heights. Many cranes, including mobile cranes, have extendable telescopic booms that make them super convenient for use on worksites and other sites where space may be limited, like city areas. Let’s take a closer look at telescopic booms!


What is a Boom and How Does it Work?

A boom is the steel arm of the crane. The boom is the most vital piece of a crane, allowing the machine to hold and lift objects to a certain height. As the object is lifted, the boom extends to the desired height.


What is a Telescopic Boom?

The main difference between a telescopic crane and other cranes is that telescopic booms are actually a number of tubes mounted on one side. These tubes or segments are of different sizes, with the smaller ones fitting inside the biggest one—often called the boom butt—at the base.

They can be rectangular or trapezoidal. A hydraulic mechanism usually allows the movement of extension although other powered mechanisms are also sometimes implemented.

During extension, a hydraulic cylinder—or another mechanism if relevant—does the hard work that makes these machines so valuable on modern work sites. It enables the movement of the tubes so the thinner ones inside get pushed outward. This makes the boom longer and as it extends it can reach greater heights. The same mechanism will enable the boom to retract. When it’s at its original length of only the base section it’s easiest to manoeuvre the crane around your site.

Membrey's have a range of mobile cranes featuring telescopic booms, such as the 4-axle Liebherr LTM1100 pictured below. The LTM1100 has an impressive extendable telescopic boom that can lift load capacities of up to 100 tonnes. The addition of lattice mast sections and a double folding jib allows the long, extendable telescopic boom to be further deployed. When retracted this powerful mobile crane can be easily maneuvered around the worksite. Note: not all cranes with telescopic booms are necessarily mobile cranes.




Take a look at some of the other Liebherr mobile cranes in our range with telescopic booms:


Final Thoughts

Cranes with telescopic boom help to streamline construction work, thanks to their convenient and quick set up and manoeuvrability. Luckily you don’t always have to buy one. At Membrey’s we can provide crane and access equipment hire in Melbourne, ensuring you can easily get your hands on a crane suited for your work.

Making sure you have the best equipment when working on a construction site is extremely important. This is not just about getting the job done but to also make sure you’re managing your budget wisely. That’s why the pros in the business talk to us!

When you need to hire a crane for a certain project, we have mobile crane hire in Melbourne that you can depend on. You simply need to call Membrey’s on 03 9554 4040 today!

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