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Membrey’s Cranes Melbourne – Monash Freeway upgrade gantry lift timelapse.

Boom Logistics 160 Tonne Crane Body

Boom Logistics 160 Tonne Crane Body

Heavy haulage and transport are a major sector in Australia that keeps the country moving. Without it we would be lost. Read for a list of suggested safety tips for anyone in the transport industry.

  1. Safety First – safety of yourself and those around you is of the utmost importance.
  2. Defensive driver training – prepare for the worst, blowouts, being cut off or a tree falling. Drivers need to know how to stop fast and safely.
  3. Know what to do in an emergency – its important to know how to respond in an emergency situation, accidents or incidents can occur at anytime, a company with good safety policies will have a procedure in place for an emergency.
  4. Regular maintenance and inspections – this should be a no-brainer but it is imperative that all equipment is up to date and in working order.
  5. Road and situational awareness – being an aware driver, looking ahead at the road, the other vehicles and interpreting situations make driving a lot easier and safer.
  6. Drug and Alcohol testing – drugged drivers is an issue in the transport industry that needs to be addressed. Regular but random drug & alcohol tests are a must in any transport workplace.
  7. Avoid Fatigue – fatigue is a leading killer on the roads, proper breaks and log book maintenance are ways to monitor fatigue. Arrive Alive

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Rowan Truck

Rowan Truck

Craig got to have a chat with Owner Driver magazine at the Truckie’s Reunion.


Taken from article;

‘Owner//Driver chats to Hall of Fame inductee Craig Membrey.

This year’s National Road Transport Hall of Fame was extra special, with almost 300 names added to the Wall of Fame….

Owner//Driver attended the event this year, along with thousands of people from across Australia. We caught up with inductee Craig Membrey and chatted to him about his very special Kenworth truck.


You can read more about this year’s Hall of Fame in the October edition of Owner//Driver magazine



You can see the full story plus video here.


transporting oversize loads

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) this week released its first series of podcasts and fact sheets for the heavy vehicle supply chain as part of a national effort to boost safety for all road users.


According to Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Darren Chester, the new education material for the heavy vehicle supply chain showed that road safety goes well beyond truck drivers.


“Whether you perform the tasks of a packer, loader, unloader, loading manager or an executive of an organisation that performs these tasks, you have a responsibility for heavy vehicle safety,” he said.


“There have been cases where poor business practices, delays with loading or incorrectly packing goods has led to pressure on drivers and increased the risk of an incident.


“This new material will help make sure that all parties understand their responsibilities and how to go about preventing breaches of mass, dimension, loading, speed, restraint and fatigue laws.


“The six fact sheets and podcasts are steps towards ensuring all members of the supply chain recognise and fulfil their crucial role in heavy vehicle safety.”


The factsheets and podcasts cover common breaches of the law, the responsibilities of anyone who has influence in the supply chain, such as schedulers, packers, managers, providers and low-cost steps to make an operation safer.


NHVR CEO, Sal Petroccitto, said earlier this month more than 60 frontline heavy vehicle operators and key parties in the logistics supply chain met with the NHVR to test proposed standards for compliance with Chain of Responsibility laws.


“These education tools are an important part of NHVR’s Chain of Responsibility education program to be rolled out over the next 18 months,” Petroccitto said.


To access the new Chain of Responsibility fact sheets and podcasts please visit the NHVR website.

Article from; Prime Mover Magazine

International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show (ITTES)

Membrey’s are supporting the show by having our infamous ‘Rowan’Truck there for the duration, this show is a must see for any Truck enthusiast.

The show is over three big days 5,6 & 7th May 2016 at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Please note the Public Day is 7th May.

Rowan Truck

“Rowan Truck”

For tickets and further information;

Excerpt from the ITTES Site;

Redefining what a truck show should be”

With every show, ITTES has moved from strength to strength, due in large part to the support of the industry. Since its inception, ITTES has grown to attract in excess of 35,000 attendees and has previously featured more than 400 exhibitors. With the inclusion of Roads and Civil Works Expo and Waste Management in Action, 2016 has organisers focused on attracting in excess of 500 + exhibitors and attracting more than 40,000 visitors – no other truck industry show comes close in size or scope.
ITTES now takes the next step in the evolution of the show to introduce two new shows, one for the waste industry and one for the roads and civil works industry.
The inclusion of a Careers Pavilion demonstrates the importance the industry places on the future succession planning required to ensure the vitality and growth of the industry.
The show will also feature a range of new ‘live action’ marketing and showcase opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors, including a test track and safety demonstration arenas.”

The Importance of Punctuality in Machinery Transport

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Every business works on a schedule – whether it’s a manufacturing or transport – and each business must meet certain goals within a given period.

For this reason, time in business is always of the essence and if the day to day running of a company is stalled by failure or lack of the required machinery then the knock-on effects can mount up.

Machinery Is Vital In Many Industries

The importance of machinery transport to any production or processing company cannot be underestimated. When one or more parts of a machine fails to be delivered where it is supposed to be then the manufacturing process can grind to a halt.

When the machinery is not delivered on time, the company can suffer a loss of money, the employees lose motivation, and there are inevitable delays to customers.

For this reason, finding someone reliable to transport new or replacement machinery is vital in minimising delay or breakdown of the processes within any industry.

16t Forklift Skating

As machinery and output impacts on profit, production, safety, a delay in the arrival of a vital machine can be catastrophic. While some businesses can manage for a day or two without non-critical machinery, an hour without critical equipment can swiftly lead to disaster – for example, if the printing press for a newspaper producer breaks down and there is no a backup, they cannot print the news on time and therefore they will only lose profit but also a chunk of their readership.

Punctual machinery transport ensures that a business meets its goals, maintains their customer satisfaction, keeps the employees motivated, reduces the cost of production and ups the business’s revenue.

The success of any company depends on the efficiency of the employees and most importantly of the machines run by those employees. To this end, punctual machinery transport can impact a whole industry, which is one reason why Membrey’s are always on time and ensure safe delivery.

Staying Alert to the Signs of Road Rage

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Virtually every driver will have experienced anger on the road in some form or another, with congestion and busy lives being the prime reasons. According to a survey of 4,000 Australians conducted by Car Advice found an alarming 88 per cent claimed to have been a victim of road rage.

Being on the road as often as the team at Membrey’s are, it is important to recognise the signs of road rage in yourself as well as other drivers around you so you can avoid any dangerous situations which may arise.

Road Rage In Yourself

People may experience road rage for a variety of different reasons. Slow moving vehicles, being cut off or even something as simple as someone not being thanked for letting a driver pull in front can cause feelings of stress and anger. It is important that you recognise these feelings should they begin to rise while you are driving, and if you do then it helps to safely slow down or pull over if possible and take some deep breaths to calm down before it has a negative effect on your driving.

Road Rage In Others

A large part of good driving is awareness of how others are driving around you. While you may feel calm and relaxed behind the wheel it does not mean that every other driver is feeling the same way, so when other drivers around you are suffering with road rage and driving irresponsibly then it can have a knock on effect on your driving.

Again, if you are being made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe then you should stay calm and slow down or pull in when possible and allow the person to pass. This will keep you safe and out of any possibly dangerous situation.

130t Mobile Crane Recovery

As the team at Membrey’s drive such large transportation equipment, we have to be especially observant of road safety, as well as the behaviour of other drivers, if we notice a driver is acting dangerous or angry we make every effort to avoid all potential unsafe situations.

At Membrey’s we transport to destinations safe and sound. Remember – you cannot control traffic, only your reaction to it.

Training A Truck Driver

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Driving a truck and transporting heavy or oversized loads takes special skills and training, but once qualified, becoming a truck driver can be an extremely rewarding job. It requires formal training via a Registered Training Organisation to obtain a valid licence and then most importantly on-road experience to improve your skills.


For any truck driver wanting to transport oversized loads they will first need the correct licence and qualifications. These take time and training to achieve. All truck drivers in Australia require an endorsed licence which they can only get once they are 18 years old and have held a “C” class licence for a minimum of 12 months. There are 5 types of endorsed licence for truck drivers with light rigid (LR), medium rigid (MR) and heavy rigid (HR) licences being the industry standard for truck drivers of varying weights.

When training a truck driver to transport oversized loads they will need to upgrade their endorsed licence to a heavy combination (HC) licence. A driver must hold a MR or HR licence for at least 12 months before they can take the test to receive a HC licence. This licence allows the driver to be able to drive heavy combination vehicles such as prime movers towing a semi-trailer, or rigid vehicles towing a trailer no heavier than 9 tonnes.


These licences can only be obtained by experienced truck drivers who have received specialised training in driving oversized loads. When training a truck driver to transport oversized loads, they will need specialised lessons at a truck driving school – this will allow them to get used to the weight and dimensions of an oversized load without them being on public roads. They will also need specialised training in how to correctly and safely secure any oversized load for transportation.  Membrey’s Transport pride themselves in on-going driver training to ensure your load is delivered safely.



Experience is one of the most important aspects of training a truck driver to transport oversized loads. It is a good idea to start off behind the wheel of a semi-trailer with a trailer of flat-bed on the back to get used to wider turning circles and then perhaps move up to bigger loads. As with regular driving, time behind the wheel is the best training possible.

What It Takes to Transport Oversize Loads

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A key factor when considering the transportation of oversized loads is Safety and it’s an area you should never enter into without experience.

What the public may not be aware of is the amount of Health and Safety issues that are involved with the hauling of oversized loads, and below you’ll find some of the most important ones:


It may sound trivial but around a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work are caused by reversing – especially when transporting large loads – and this is down to reduced visibility. Routes and sites need to be planned in a minute and specific way to minimise the necessity for reversing, and drivers should always be fully trained in transporting oversized cargo.

Loading and unloading

There is a heightened risk during the actual loading and unloading phase of materials, particularly where weight or size present a distinct challenge.

To minimise this risk, information should be readily available as how to safely secure the load, and special consideration as to the type of loading equipment should be given.

At Membrey’s, we have a variety of mobile cranes, forklifts, lifting gear and trailers to assist with relocation of oversized equipment.


The vehicle you choose for an oversized load requires consideration. There is a serious risk of damage to trucks that are loaded incorrectly, or overloaded, and the importance of finding a truck to suit your needs should never be underplayed.

Here at Membrey’s we have you covered, offering a variety of heavy haulage services such as extendable and steerable trailers which are capable of carrying loads of 44 metres long.

In addition to this, we offer platform trailers, tank and vessel carriers and can even provide custom built transport where needed – minimising the risk of damage and any safety risks at the same time.
transporting oversize loads

Risk to people and the environment

Membrey’s have been operating for over 50 years, so we fully understand just how serious heavy haulage is. With these decades of invaluable experience we have developed and honed our extensive knowledge of the market, and believe we are capable of transporting any oversized loads throughout Australia.

We are committed to maintaining the health and safety our employees and the community and with our knowledge, and innovative range of solutions for oversized cargo, we can move your cargo safely, securely, and with the minimum of risk.