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3 Common Questions About Crawler Cranes


How much do you know about crawler cranes? We’re here to answer 3 common questions you may have about crawler cranes.



What is a Crawler Crane?

A crawler crane is a crane mounted on an undercarriage that has a set of tracks (crawlers). These tracks provide the crawler crane with reliable mobility and stability. The smaller size of crawler cranes allows them to move around worksites with ease and lift in small spaces due to their compact working for print and minimal tail swing. They come in a wide range of lifting capacities and make short work of some of the toughest lifting jobs. 

One of the main advantages of crawler cranes is there ability to move around worksites and perform lifts with very little setup, this is due to the crane’s superior stable on its tracks and no outriggers.

Crawler cranes are a popular choice as they are a versatile machine suitable for a number of lifting applications,  such as moving building materials, light lifting in the oil & mining industry, heavy-duty foundation work and other construction projects. 


Can a Crawler Crane Move with a Load?

One of the main advantages of crawler cranes is that they are capable of travelling with a load. Their tracks allow them to travel with ease over rough or uneven surfaces. These types of cranes are sometimes referred to as pick and carry cranes as they can easily lift and move loads from one worksite to another. 

Mini Crawler Crane doing Glass Panels

Mini Crawler Crane doing Glass Panels


How is a Crawler Crane Operated?

If you are wondering how to operate a crawler crane, then it’s probably best you leave this lifting job to the professionals. A professional crane operator is fully trained and licensed to work with cranes, understands the limits of the machines and how to operate them safely, and is fully aware of all the risks involved with crane operation and how to prevent them.

However, here is some insight into some of the processes a professional crawler crane operator might follow. 

  • When the crawler crane is in operation excellent communication and visibility must be maintained at all times. A crane operator might use a signal such as sounding the horn twice, energizing the beacon or flasher light (if applicable) or a designated signal-person if visibility is limited to alert personnel in the area of the nearby crane operation. 
  • When starting the crawler crane engine, allow the systems such as hydraulic fluid and coolant to warm up to optimal operating temperatures and then test all crane functions, such as the winch, boom hoist and brake systems.
  • Always ensure there is sufficient clearance to power lines and other obstructions when the crawler crane is in operation.
  • Know the crane’s specific lift capacities and make sure that you’re working within the crane’s capabilities at all times. If these are not being adhered to the crawler crane could suffer damage and become unsafe to use.
  • Using a slow and gradual joystick movement when your crawler crane is carrying a load will allow for plenty of space and time for the load to stop moving.

These are just a handful of crane operation processes. Operating a crane is no easy task and there are a number of procedures to follow to ensure maximum safety. To ensure complete safety opt for crawler crane hire and hire a professional crane operator.

At Membrey’s we have all of your crawler crane and crane hire needs covered. Let us know what you need and we’ll MAKE IT HAPPEN. Contact us today on (03) 9554 4040 for more information or to get a quote.


Mini Cranes

Have you been looking for mini crane hire for your worksite or project? Membrey’s mini crane hire in Melbourne has a versatile range of crawlers that can be conveniently used in cramped or tight spaces due to their relatively small size.

Mini cranes are compact and typically have a minimal tail swing radius, making them a practical choice for jobs in tight spots, building sites and project constructions conducted in roads or pavements. Due to their compact size, they can be easily transported to your worksite via a truck. Below are some of the awesome mini cranes we have for hire at Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire.


The UNIC URW-295 is a mini crawler crane that is compact enough to fit through your average doorframe, making it the perfect choice for jobs in narrow and hard to reach spaces. It has a lifting power of 2.9 tonnes and a maximum working radius of 8.41m. The working capacity of this mini spider crane is 2.9t x 1.4m. This machine is suitable for glass installations, cladding panel installations, steel beams, and spa relocation.

The URW-295 is outfitted with a range of innovative safety and operation features, including:

  • A computer-controlled moment limiter
  • Multi-function radio remote control
  • Computer-controlled intelligent voice warning system
  • Overwinding alarm
  • Unique pressure compensation proportional valve
  • Intelligent throttle activation and more.


The UNIC URW-376 is a mid-capacity spider crane available for hire at Membrey’s. It has a lifting power of 2.9 tonnes and the six-section hydraulic boom allows for a maximum working radius of 14.45m. The working capacity of this mini spider crane is 2.9t x 2.5m. Similar to the previous crane, the URW-376 is most suitable for installation of glass panels, steel beams and spa relocation.

The UNIC URW-376 has similar features to the URW-295, however it can be controlled from the onboard operator’s seat and also from a distance via the radio remote control.


With heavy lifting power and ultimate flexibility, this crane is suitable for a vast range of lifting applications. The UNIC URW-506 is a portable crane that has a lifting power of 3 tonnes and a maximum working radius of 15.52m. The working capacity of this mini spider crane is 3.0t x 3.4m, or up to 4t when the 5 fall hook block (optional) is in use.

If you need precision, the working area limitation device on the URW-506 will allow you to specify the working area, giving you greater safety and control when working in sensitive areas. This feature can be found on all UNIC spider crane models featuring a safe load indicator

The URW-506 boasts a range of features, including:

  • Computer-controlled moment limiter
  • Computer-controlled intelligent voice warning system
  • Intelligent throttle activation
  • Multi-function operation via radio remote control
  • Overwinding alarm
  • Automatic hook stow and more.

Maeda MC 285

The Maeda MC 285 crawler crane has the ability to lift in small spaces due to its compact working footprint and minimal tail swing. The MC 285 pick and carry crane is an efficient machine with a maximum crane capacity of 2.82t x 1.4m and a maximum working radius of 0.15t x 8.205m.

The Maeda MC 285 boast a number of premium features, including:

  • A programmable moment limiter
  • Slew angle limit setting
  • Multi outrigger positions
  • Multi outrigger lifting mode
  • Crane/outrigger interlock system
  • Digital feedback remote control
  • 4 Fall/2 Fall hook block and more.

If you are searching for a pick and carry crane with a larger lifting capacity check out our other cranes for hire. For more information or to organise mim crane hire, contact the friendly team at Membrey’s today on (03) 9554 4040.

At Membrey’s we make it happen, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of the awesome work that has been happening at Membrey’s.

Membrey’s recently made an oversized delivery to the PACCAR Australia plant located in Bayswater. The trusty team at Kenworth Truck Bayswater helped us to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Measuring 20 metres in length, Membrey’s superstar ‘Jack’ brought with it Australia’s largest Trussed Bridge Crane. The crane is as part of the $37 million plant expansion due to be completed in 2021.

Late last month, a 90-tonne crane toppled onto a power substation in South-East Melbourne causing chaos as 40 sets of traffic lights blacked out and 20 thousand homes lost power. Membrey’s came to the rescue and were on the scene quickly to help solve the problem. My daughter, Leah Membrey, even made an appearance on 7 News to comment on what happened

Leah Membrey Channel 7 News

On September 24th, I had the honour of speaking at the New Zealand Road Transport Conference. New Zealand has one of the highest male suicide rates in the world and as it was mental health awareness week the timing was ideal. It never gets easier to tell my story, but I know if it can help one person – stop one family from going through what my family and I have gone through, it’s worth it.

Over the last few months we have made some new additions to the Membrey’s fleet which we are very excited about. We are now the proud owners of a 5×8 Swingwide Extendable with Rear Steer manufactured by the amazing Drake Group. We’ve also picked up a few other new additions, such as the 40-tonne Franna, 410 twin steer Kenworth with Mega Hiab, Maeda MC 285 and (F1XUP) Field service truck. Check out the newest members of the fleet below!

What have Membrey’s been up to_1

Melbourne is set to take over Sydney as the most populous city in Australia.

The 2016 census, released by Australian Bureau of Statistics, found Australia's population has grown by 8.8 per cent to 24.4 million people since the last time it was measured in 2011.

With Melbourne recently taking home “World’s Most Liveable City” for the seventh year in a row, it is no surprise that the majority of new arrivals are flocking to the coffee, the culture and the general cool atmosphere of Melbourne.

Fast growth in an urban setting comes with a lot of opportunity alongside a need for infrastructure improvements to accommodate. The city of Melbourne is well aware of the needs associated with current and projected growth, and have responded with a large-scale, innovative upgrade of the heavily relied upon Monash Freeway. Read on to learn more about the upgrade, who is doing the work, and how it will benefit you.


Who is in charge of the upgrades?

Recognising the immediate need for an upgrade, the Victorian Government and Transurban have partnered up to plan and fund the improvements. At Membrey’s, we are thrilled to be working alongside the Victorian Government to ensure a better transit system for Melbourne residents, both now and in the future.


Where will the upgrades take place?

The upgrades will take place on a 30km stretch from Chadstone to Pakenham.

This area, also known as the M1 corridor, is critical to a huge number of Melbournians. This stretch of freeway is where over half of the Melbourne workforce is employed, where over three-quarters of Melbourne students study, and where one-third of Melbournians live.

Over 200,000 motorists use this stretch of freeway daily, with numbers expected to increase. In the past 10 years, the number of cars using the stretch has increased by 50 percent and the freeway has been at capacity during peak periods since 2010.


What will the upgrades include?

The benefits of this upgrade will come with the usual headaches of road construction. However, these will be minimised with efficient and quality traffic management solutions.

Below are the major improvements motorists will enjoy from the upgrade:

  • Additional lanes
  • New ramp signals
  • New barriers
  • Noise wall replacements and upgrades
  • Improved lighting and drainage
  • Widened bridges at eight locations

In addition, the following technological improvements will take place:

  • New and upgraded ramp technology
  • New and upgraded data stations which gather real time traffic data to feed into the freeway management system


How will the upgrades impact me and other motorists?

A lot of data collection and research has gone into the what and how of these upgrades. Once completed, motorists will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 20% reduction in road collisions
  • Reduced travel times
  • Room for an additional 2000 cars in peak hours
  • Room for 50% more vehicles on Hallan Pass

For you environmentalists out there, fear not! We have a comprehensive environmental policy to ensure motorists enjoy these upgrades without compromising the environment.

The Monash Freeway upgrade project began in September 2016 and is set for completion in 2018. The short term strains of construction on the freeway will result in long term gains of a faster, safer and more reliable journey on a previously congested stretch of freeway.


If you have questions about any aspect of the implementation of this project, don’t hesitate to contact us for answers. In the meantime, start planning what you will do with the extra time you will gain once your commute time decreases with this new freeway!

Craig got to have a chat with Owner Driver magazine at the Truckie’s Reunion.

Taken from article;

‘Owner/Driver chats to Hall of Fame inductee Craig Membrey.

This year’s National Road Transport Hall of Fame was extra special, with almost 300 names added to the Wall of Fame….

Owner//Driver attended the event this year, along with thousands of people from across Australia. We caught up with inductee Craig Membrey and chatted to him about his very special Kenworth truck.

You can read more about this year’s Hall of Fame in the October edition of Owner//Driver magazine

You can see the full story plus video here.

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